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Site Design: Hitz 103.7

So for the past two months, I have neglected my blog because I was working on a project…. well here is that project.

Hitz 103.7 is a local radio station, which is a subsidiary of SVG Broadcasting Corporation, a company that also owns Ezee Radio and SVGTV.

I along with three other of my friends were contracted to design sites for the 3 subsidiaries and the company. As I blogged saying I decided to use WordPress to do all my content management, the others decided to use static html.

Now the task was challenging, and not all the sites are up but I am posting a release because the site I was responsible for Hitz 103.7 is up and fully functional, the theme code is a modified version of the Superhero Theme, it has BuddyPress and bbPress integration.

I must say it was a great experience and I am still on a high, but we are not over yet, but still check out the site @

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